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Women's Ministry

The Elect Ladies Department is designed to engage, empower and encourage women of all ages to live godly, holy and righteous according to the Word of God.

Service: Every 4th Friday @ 730 pm

Youth and Young Adults

We are raising the youth and young adults to be integral parts of the CLGI, through the ministry of God’s word, ministry of song,teaching of CLGI doctrine and the basic tenants of holiness and sanctified living.

Service: Every Sunday @ 630 pm


The mission of the Church of the Living God International, Inc. is to fulfill the great Commission of Jesus Christ by establishing churches in every community.

Service: Every 3rd Friday @ 730 pm

Men's Ministry

The Brotherhood Department is organized to minister to all brothers within the surrounding communities, to draw them to Christ, provide leadership skills and guidance.

Service: Every 2nd Friday @ 730 pm

Christian Education

You are invited to join Baltimore Worship Center at 930 am each Sunday morning for our Christian Education classes.

Service: Every Sunday @ 930 am

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