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Baltimore Worship Center, CLGI is a Pentecostal Holiness Church founded by Elder Jonathan Grayson in February 2013.

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He is Going to be a Pastor One Day!

Pastor Grayson was called to the ministry at a very young age. When he was only six years old, he received the word of his calling from the Lord while helping an elderly woman board the bus in Philadelphia, PA. The woman proclaimed to his mother, “He is going to be a pastor one day. You watch and see!”

Something Better to Come

Pastor Grayson was also given a prophesy from International Mission’s Director Elder Sharon Alston which proclaimed that he would be the next Pastor in the Northeast Jurisdiction.  This exhortation was only the beginning of something better to come.

Still Continues to Bear Fruit

The manifestation of God’s anointing fell on Elder Jonathan Grayson at the 2014 General Assembly in Mobile Alabama. He has and still continues to bear fruit in The Church of the Living God International.

God's Plan

The Lord’s plans began the day that Pastor Jonathan Grayson received invitation by his sister Sgt. Lakesha Sewell from oversees, now Pastor of Family Life Center in Sumter SC, who was passionate about the Lord admonished him and mother Evangelist Gathercole to visit Sword of the Spirit, CLGI in 1998 at the age of 21, where he resided for 2 years.

His Foundation

At this time, he received his foundation under Bishop TL Lucky. Pastor Grayson received both his missions and exhorter Licenses for which he was grateful to God.

Promoted to Minister

The Lord had His hands on then Exhorter Grayson’s life and led him to Power of Deliverance under successor of Maryland district church Pastor Royshel Richardson. He was also instrumental with Pastor Grayson’s spiritual enrichment. Exhorter Grayson increased in the knowledge of God and was promoted to Minister in approximately four years.

Proposed to His Wife

Prior to coming to Clinton Maryland, he proposed to his wife, best friend, and current Assistant Pastor of Baltimore Worship Center, Dr. Hollie Grayson. Minister Jonathan and Minister Hollie Grayson were married in 2001.

Began a Work in Baltimore

In no time after marriage, the Lord began to move on Minister Grayson’s heart to begin a work in Baltimore in 2004 so he prayed for an opening. His prayer was heard Minister Hollie Grayson a Baltimore native, had family members who desired a bible study. This opportunity allowed him to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior through the book of Romans.

Establishment of Bible Study

Minister Hollie Grayson a Baltimore native, had family members who opened their doors to facilitate the work Notably, Minister Hollie’s parents, Leonard and Edna Congland, and siblings, Glen and Lynette Pittman, were instrumental in the establishment of the bible study that would later become Baltimore Worship Center.

Opened the Doors to Baltimore Worship Center, CLGI

 The Grayson’s flourished under the teachings of Bishop Royshel Richardson, who is the current Superintendent of Baltimore Worship Center and Pastor of Indian Head Worship Center, CLGI, where both received their minister’s licenses. After 17 years of ministering the Word, teaching and receiving the doctrine of Dr. Joseph White’s taught the Christian Education outlines, helped the Grayson’s declare the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Jonathan and Assistant Pastor Hollie Grayson opened the doors to Baltimore Worship Center, CLGI on February 2013 at 1808 Woodlawn Drive Baltimore, MD 21207.

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