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Morning Worship: Sermon Bring them to Jesus 2/26/2023

   Morning Worship: Sermon A Good Samaritan 2/19/2023

Bible Study: Part 3 Dr Hollie Grayson. God Proves, We Prove, and Others prove us 1/6/2023

 Morning Worship: Sermon No Greater Love 2/5/2023

Bible Study Pastor Grayson 2/7/2023

Morning Worship: Man lives not by bread alone but every word proceeds from the mouth of God 1/8/2023

 Morning Worship Sermon: We will wait on the Move of the Holy Spirit 1/29/2023

 Christian Education Pastor Grayson 2/19/2023

 Morning Worship Sermon: I am a Man of Authority 2/12/2023

 Christian Education : God Proves, We prove ourselves and others 1/8/2023

 Morning Worship Sermon: Lord please fill in the Gap 1/15/2023

Christian Education Pastor Grayson 2/12/2023

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