Sermon: The Lord was in this place and I knew it not   Pastor Grayson 10/16/2022

The day of the Lord the Rebellion


Assistant Pastor Dr Hollie Grayson The Appeal Part 2  10/16/2022

Sermon: When Jesus Saw Her  10/2/2022

Morning Service Sermon: Jesus is the Solution 9/4/2022

God Holding Everything together  Pastor Grayson 9/11/2022

 Sermon: Count up the Cost  Pastor Grayson 8/21/2022

Christian Education: review Minister Bethany and Assistant Pastor Hollie Pastor Grayson finish teaching the Day of the Lord

The Appeal  10/11/2022

The day of the Lord Part 3 10/2/2022

 Sermon Jesus is the Solution  8/28/2022 Pastor Grayson

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