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Purpose verses Expectation

Questions and Answers

Does the Pastor have a mission?

To prepare a people for Heaven. Revelation 21.

Accountability to God?

Our goal is to be accountable to God and members of Baltimore Worship Center. It is important that a church must set the example of true holiness in the community.

Why do your church pray?

Jesus tells us to pray so that we do not enter into temptation. Matthew 26.41.

We pray to communicate with our God for direction, guidance, and to learn his will.

Can someone teach me how to pray?

Yes. We have prayer every day of the week and we will take the time to teach visitors how to pray.

What sets your church apart? Do you believe in woman preachers?

We are here for the souls and we love all whom God draws to our church. We believe in woman of God and embrace woman leadership and empowerment!

What should I know before selecting a religious organization

It is important to know the doctrine of that faith. Each institution is driven by a Spirit. It is important that the Holy Spirit is over that institution

Looking for a place of worship but encountered hurt

BWC is a church of reconciliation we follow the bible 100%. Our solution is prayer, fasting, coming to church, and the word of God

Does the Leader work like I do?

Yes. The Pastor works 80 hours outside the church. He Pastors because he loves the Lord. He desires to win many souls to the Lord.

I would like to contibute free service to your church ?

Our people are not salaried we are looking for ushers, singers, musicians, and department heads that loves the Lord.

Our requirement is a holy lifestyle and obedience to the Pastor as he is Obedient to the Lord. We will help if you have a desire for the ministry.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

For the work of this mission one requirement is receiving the Holy Spirit

How many Gifts of Holy Spirit are they?

1 Corinthians 12:4-14 are the nine which we recognize.  We do believe some may have greater anointing then others. There is room at the table for you!

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